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4 Tips to Prevent Damage & Restore Moisture

When you start your hair journey, you should focus on preventing further damage, restoring the moisture levels of your hair/scalp and preventing excessive breakage.

Remember bad habits, won’t produce results. So, be mindful of how you care for your hair NOW and see where you might need to make changes.


Clean Scalp


If you have a very dry itchy scalp but, you notice that you don’t moisturize at all during the week. Make a small goal for yourself to grease your scalp on Mondays and Thursdays with a great product like Hair Boost.

After a month of diligently following this schedule, see if there are any positive changes with your scalp. Is it less itchy? Is it still feeling and looking moisturized by the weekend? If yes, continue this routine. If not, increase the number of “greasing days” and evaluate another month later.

Natural Hair Care


If you notice that the ends of your hair is brittle and easily breaks off. But throughout the week, you wear and sleep with your hair loose on a cotton pillowcase.
Make a small goal for yourself to moisturize your ends on Sundays and Wednesdays with a small amount of Hair Boost. Then cover your hair and sleep with a satin/silk scarf every night of the week.

After 2 or 3 weeks of following this routine, are there any positive changes? Are you ends still feeling moisturized and less hair breakage by the following weekend? If yes, continue this regimen. If not, increase the number of days you grease your ends, continue to wear the scarf at night and evaluate the following month.



When stretched, your hair is the same length as it was last month, ear length.
Make a small goal for yourself to measure it today by taking a pic. Then for the next 8 weeks on Tuesday & Thursdays, take 2 minutes to moisturize your ends with a little bit of Hair Boost and keep your hair in a protective style (Ex. twists). Remember to wear your silk scarf or bonnet each night!

8 weeks from today stretch your hair out again, take a pic and compare photos to to see if there are any positive changes. If yes, continue this routine. If not, increase the number of "grease days" and take a pic in another month.

Healthy Edges and Scalp


You love your slayed edges but are noticing they are starting to thin.
Make a small goal to ease off the edge control for 6 weeks. Every other day, gently keep them together with the rest of your hair (no over- manipulation!) and moisturize with a little bit of Hair Boost 3 times a week. Remember to sleep with a satin/ silk scarf each night for protection. See if there are any positive changes at the end of that time period.
If yes, keep this routine going. If not, add a gentle scalp massage every time you moisturize them to help blood flow to the scalp and evaluate a month later.

Taking small actionable steps like these will help you achieve your hair goals. Get into good habits and results will come!

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