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I absolutely love this product. Would like to see the bigger size again because this stuff is great for me and my daughter.

I've been using Nae Nae products since 2019, had a nervous breakdown last year, and now in 2023 my hair is growing back.

When I first try the hair booster it made my head itch, but after two days, I love.

I normally wear my hair in the two strands twist without or without hair added. My edges became so thin, my hair would tangle so much be so hard to untangle and I have tried many hair products to make my hair nice. I want it beautiful.

After using this hair heathy and scalp no build up no itching scalp

This before usage of this product

First off I’m dealing with real bad alopecia as you can see in the picture. I use to see a lot of my hair coming out one I combed it, but now I rarely see any. And that hair boost oh how I love it my hair seems to stay moisturized and not dry like it use to be. I will continue to take pictures as I go on this journey with your products. Thanks

So far it much better combing east than before it was hard to comb and less hair come out so still looking forward hoping it help more than what I use before

Jazmin’s hair looks and feels amazing! The detangling process went so much better. Plus, a few days in and her curls still look fabulous!

I love the product it gives my hair strength and look I will continue to use any and all nae nae products

I've been using this in my son hair for 3 years now look how much his hair grow I really love how It keep his hair nice and moisturize and I was happy when it came out with the shampoo and conditioner cuz now I use the whole set

I use Hair Boost and Soothe and my hair is soft and manageable. There is a noticeable difference in my hair as it is moisturized and strong. I love both of these products. I have shared my products with family members who have also purchased their own! We love Nae Nae’s.

The pictures speak enough for the product. Extremely happy with the results and can say with confidence that it was the product. I used it a few times a week on the spot and you can see the results over three months.

On using the kids starter kit on my son, his hair was much more manageable after steps 2 & 3. He loved the smell of the leave in conditioner. Though the hair boost had a unique smell, I like the moisture and feel of his hair.

I wear braids constantly because of my job. It's a lot easier to maintain my hair. But they were being braided with very little natural hair. So when my hair grew out on the edges they were breaking my hair off. Within a few weeks of using naenae hair boost 9oz jar & foam boost. My hair had started filling back in on the edges. Made me a faithful user. Have purchased the cobondle cowash set. Will be using soon. Excited to see the results.

I've been using Nae Nae's Hair Boost since 2019 and I love it. I've seen so much growth and it has strengthen it as well. I stopped using it for several months and I regret it I'm glad I started back. Thanks Nae Nae

One of my best purchases for taking care of my hair and skin! My jar lasted for almost 5 months, because it didn't take much on my scalp and I never used it but once a week on my 4c hair. My skin also stayed moisturized throughout the day. Especially my face!

I love NaeNae’s product the Hair Boost is awesome. I also love the Repair Hair Mask. I just shared this product with a friend.👍🏽

Nae Nae's products help grow my hair back after chemo. I use the hair boost and the entire system. Grateful!

I started my locs after my hair had been broken off from braids being to tight. After about 3-4 months my hair started to grow faster than ever before. I swear by this product and I use only the 7 step method and I also use hair boost regularly.

My granddaughters hair was very short so I gave my daughter nae naes to use n I swear to god IT WORKED!!!!!

This is some good stuff. I need about 4 more jars to keep in my refrigerator before they take it away for good. Sad that this product is leaving but happy I got to experience it first. Keep up the wonderful work ❤️ God continue to bless you and your family/ business.

All my hair in the back fell out my sides was going to from a lot of stress and I came across Nae Mae's hair boost! And Pow I got thick head full of hair want Nae Nae do it💯

HAIR BOOST: Original - 4 Jar Bundle
Pauline B.

Awesome product my hair is no longer brittle. Loving my Afro 👍🏽♥️