Our Story

Why We Started

Nae Nae’s Hair Boost, our flagship product was created to alleviate a scalp and skin condition that my kids were experiencing.   I’m a wife and mother of 4.  It was never my dream to create a beauty brand or a product, this thing just kinda fell into my lap. My 3 younger children battled with eczema, and dry itchy scalp. So, as a Mom who adores her kids, I went looking for a natural remedy because the steroid creams were costly and not healthy in the long run. I researched for years and played around with different natural products.  I lived in my local herb shop, testing different combinations of herbs, ointments, and essential oils on my little guinea pigs LOL

After 2 years of testing I finally came up with an Amazing combination that not only alleviated their eczema it also healed their skin, along with an unpredictable side effect: it made their hair grow longer, thicker and healthier. After sharing it with local friends & family and seeing them get the same results, my husband convinced me to let him market it to his Facebook page, (because at the time I wasn’t even on social media, LOL).

Oh Man, The PRODUCT WENT VIRAL!!!!.  I love to see people get results from using my products. My goal is to show my daughters that YOU can be a REGULAR PERSON with a SIMPLE IDEA and still make a BIG IMPACT.